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All Statistics majors are assigned a faculty advisor.  Major advisors can assist students with course selection, answer department policy questions, and connect students with on-campus resources. If you are currently a Statistics major and you're not sure who your advisor is, please contact the lead advisor, Dr. Matt Carlton.

Cal Poly and the College of Science and Mathematics also offer advising services to students. Visit the Statistics Department Advising page for more information.


One-on-one and group tutoring services are available to Statistics students. Visit the Statistics Department Tutoring page for details.

Student-Faculty Research

Statistics students are encouraged to assist faculty in their research endeavors. The Statistics Department maintains an up-to-date list of student research opportunities. Please contact the listed faculty member with questions regarding their project. 

Student Opportunities Blog

The Statistics Department hosts a blog listing a variety of opportunities for Statistics students including job, internship, and research opportunities and information on graduate programs nationwide.


Stat Club is the social/activity club for Statistics majors, minors, and enthusiasts. The club hosts student events, a STAT buddy program and list of statistics tutors. See the STAT Club webpage for more information.

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