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Why study statistics at Cal Poly?

This is a great time to study statistics at Cal Poly! Why? We're glad you asked:

  1. Data are everywhere in today's world. The ability to analyze and draw insights from data is more valuable than ever. Projected job growth for statisticians is 34% from 2016-2026, among the top ten fastest-growing professions. (You can learn more here).
  2. We offer a very rich and strong program that emphasizes:
    • Applying a wide variety of statistical methods to analyzing data of various types;
    • Understanding mathematical underpinnings of statistical methods;
    • Writing computer code to organize and analyze data in a variety of languages and packages;
    • Developing skills of written and oral communication. (You can learn more about our program here.)
  3. Our faculty regard excellent teaching of undergraduates as their top professional priority. We have developed innovative courses and tools for effective teaching and learning. We involve undergraduates in research and scholarly and consulting projects.
  4. Our students distinguish themselves as undergraduates and move on to rewarding careers as alumni. They prepare for their next steps by developing their statistical knowledge and skills, and by engaging in learn-by-doing project experiences. (You can learn more about our students and alumni here.)
  5. Our small but vibrant program includes about 160 students and 21 full-time faculty members. This impressively small student/faculty ratio allows for frequent interactions and feedback, as students work closely with their faculty and peers.
  6. San Luis Obispo is a wonderful place to spend your undergraduate years. (You can learn more here.)

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