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Statistics Department Courses

Course Offerings

2019-20 Statistics Department Quarterly Course Offerings (PDF)

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Catalog Course Descriptions

2019-20 Catalog STAT course descriptions

Expanded Course Outlines (ECOs)

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100 Level Courses

STAT 130-Intro to Statistical Reasoning STAT 150-Intro to Statistical Investigations

200 Level Courses

STAT 217-Intro to Statistical Concepts and Methods STAT 218-Applied Statistics for the Life Sciences
STAT 251-Statistical Inference for Management I STAT 252-Statistical Inference for Management II

300 Level Courses

STAT 301-Statistics I STAT 302-Statistics II
STAT 305-Introduction to Probability and Simulation STAT 312/542-Statistical Methods for Engineers
STAT 313/513-Applied Experimental Design and Regression Models STAT 321-Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists
STAT 323/523-Design and Analysis for Experiments I STAT 324/524-Applied Regression Analysis
STAT 330/530-Statistical Computing with SAS STAT 331/531-Statistical Computing with R

STAT 350-Probability and Random Processes for Engineers


400 Level Courses

STAT 405-Applied Probability  Models STAT 410-Statistics Eduction: Pedagogy, Content, Technology and Assessment
STAT 414-Multilevel and Mixed Modeling STAT 415-Bayesian Reasoning and Methods
STAT 416-Statistical Analysis of Time Series STAT 417-Survival Analysis Methods
STAT 418-Analysis of Cross-Classified Data STAT 419/BIO 542-Applied Multivariate Statistics
STAT 421-Survey Sampling and Methodology STAT 423-Design and Analysis of Experiments II
STAT 425-Probability Theory STAT 426-Estimation and Sampling Theory
STAT 427-Mathematical Statistics STAT 434-Statistical Learning: Methods and Applications
STAT 440-SAS Certification Preparation STAT 441-SAS Advanced Certification Preparation
STAT 461/462-Senior Project I/II STAT 465-Statistical Communication and Consulting

500 Level Courses

STAT 511-Statistical Methods STAT 513/313-Applied Experimental Design and Regression Models
STAT 523/323-Design and Analysis of Experiments I STAT 524/324-Applied Regression Analysis
STAT 530/330-Statistical Computer with SAS STAT 542/312-Statistical Methods for Engineers

DATA Courses

DATA 301-Introduction to Data Science DATA 401-Data Science
DATA 451-Data Science Capstone I DATA 452-Data Science Capstone II

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