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Stat Club

Stat Club is the social/activity club for Statistics majors, minors, and enthusiasts (but you probably already guessed that). You can contact the Stat Club at or join us on Facebook.

Upcoming Events

Events will be posted as scheduled.

    Stat Buddy Program -

    Information and links being updated for Fall 2019 - Stay Tuned!

    If you are interested in becoming a little buddy click here to submit a request to be paired with a mentor!

    For more advanced students, if you are interested in becoming a big buddy click here to submit a mentor form. 

    2019-2020 STAT Club Officers

    • President: Ethan Moore
    • Vice-President:Ben Mangelsdorf
    • Treasurer: Layla Burgan
    • Secretary & Open House Coordinator: Mason Ogden
    • COSAM Representative: Kyle Reavis
    • Events Coordinator: Michelle Kerfs
    • STAT Lab Liason: Eric Tran

      2018-2019 STAT Club Officers

      • President: Regina Lisinker
      • Vice-President: Ethan Moore
      • Secretary: Mason Ogden
      • Treasurer: Kyle Reavis
      • Events Coordinator: Layla Burgan
      • COSAM Representative: Michelle Kerfs
      • STAT Lab Liason: Alexander Reynolds

      2017-2018 STAT Club Officers

      • President: Evelyn Fox
      • Vice-President: Stephanie Mendoza
      • Secretary: Mitchell Collins
      • Treasurer: Anna Carskaden
      • Events Coordinator: Danny Savage
      • COSAM Representative: Gianna Ciaccio
      • Open House: Brannden Moss
      • STAT Lab Liaison: Gabby Ilenstine



      • Dr. Sam Frame
      • Dr. Jeff Sklar





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