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Stat Club

Stat Club is the social/activity club for Statistics majors, minors, and enthusiasts (but you probably already guessed that). Stat Club offers research and internship panels, Q&A sessions with professors and statistics alumni, technical workshops, fun social events, and more. You can contact the Stat Club at, join our Slack page, or find us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

STAT Buddy Program

We will match new buddies Fall 2021!

If you are interested in becoming a little buddy, check back here for more information on how to submit a request to be paired with a mentor!

For more advanced students, if you are interested in becoming a big buddy, contact the STAT Club.

Need a statistics tutor?

The STAT Club maintains and periodically updates their list of students who are available for your statistics course tutoring needs. This list is not maintained by the Statistics Department.

2021-2022 STAT Club Officers

  • President: Melissa Melton
  • Vice-President: Keegan Cianfrone
  • Treasurer: Ken Xie
  • Secretary & Open House Coordinator: Andrew Harlow
  • COSAM Representative: Lana Huynh
  • Events Coordinator: Nick Seah
  • STAT Lab Liason: Lana Huynh

2020-2021 STAT Club Officers

  • President: Danielle Sisso
  • Vice-President: Andrew Harlow
  • Treasurer: Jessica Eng
  • Secretary & Open House Coordinator: Mason Ogden
  • COSAM Representative: Michelle Kerfs
  • Events Coordinator: N/A
  • STAT Lab Liason: N/A

2019-2020 STAT Club Officers

  • President: Ethan Moore
  • Vice-President:Ben Mangelsdorf
  • Treasurer: Layla Burgan
  • Secretary & Open House Coordinator: Mason Ogden
  • COSAM Representative: Kyle Reavis
  • Events Coordinator: Michelle Kerfs
  • STAT Lab Liason: Eric Tran

    STAT Club Faculty Advisors

    • Dr. Samuel Frame
    • Dr. Jeff Sklar





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