Statistical Consulting Service

The statistical consulting service provides free help to Cal Poly students, faculty and staff. Clients should bring a description of research goals, collected dataset and a description of how the data was collected on a CD or USB drive to the appointment.

Consulting Service Contact(s):

Faculty Consultant for Summer 2018 is Jeff Sklar.

Contact information: Please email for requests.

The function of the consulting statistician is to provide advice on various statistical techniques to members of the Cal Poly community involved in university-related research, theses, or senior project.

The role of the consultant includes:

  • Advice on the use of any statistical technique
  • Advice on the type of statistical analysis available for a particular problem and sources of information if the consultee is unfamiliar with the methodology
  • Information on the appropriate computer package/program to apply to a particular problem
  • Presentation on statistical techniques to classes, faculty groups, administrators on request

The role of the consultant DOES NOT include:

  • Tutoring
  • Help on homework assignments
  • Instruction of statistics to students enrolled in courses whose syllabus or class description indicates that one of the purposes of the class is the instruction of statistics
  • Evaluation of any completed student work (e.g., theses, senior projects)
  • Instruction on the specifics of text editors, uses of PCs, and things of that nature
  • Writing of command code programs or data entry
  • Repeated or last-minute advice on any problem
  • Rushing through a project due to time constraints placed on students by faculty

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