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2022 Alumni Notes 2013-2014


Kyle Beekman 

This past year I received my master’s of public health with a focus in applied biostatistics from the University of Colorado. I am currently working for Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Safety where I conduct studies of prescription drug abuse. I recently moved to downtown Denver and am loving it. 

Sasha Kravets 

I am in my third year of my Ph.D. program in biostatistics at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I passed my qualifying exams earlier this year and am starting work on my dissertation. My interests are in the design and analysis of clinical trials, so it’s been very interesting doing the literature review for this area and learning about the advancements of clinical trial methodology. I collaborate with clinicians from the Department of Ophthalmology here at UIC and am still working on a research project with Mayo Clinic, so keeping busy! Besides school I mostly spend time with my mini dachshund, Monty, and am starting to do some traveling again.  

Ariana Montes Moore 

Chris and I grew our family, and now we are a happy little family of four! Amelia will be two in May and Luca is four months old. Life is busy and chaotic, but we wouldn't have it any other way. I recently celebrated a promotion to a senior manager with Accenture, and I've been heads-down leading a team on a large transformation project (when I haven't been on maternity leave). Chris is a senior manager of data science at GoDaddy and has grown a dynamic team focused on experimentation. We're both still working from home and enjoying the quality time we get to spend together and with our kids.  


Debbie Huang 

After graduating from Cal Poly and UCLA, I spent a few years working in health research at UCSF and consumer data science and analytics at Sephora in San Francisco before moving to Oregon with my husband and dogs. I have been working at Nike for a few years now across consumer data science and analytics in digital product and commerce. Prior to 2020, I traveled and loved spending time abroad and in nature. Since 2020, I’ve become a dedicated gardener and even have a few ducks now. 






Chelsea Kern 

I have lived in the East Bay since graduating in 2013 and last year bought a home in Danville. I have been working at Cisco for the last three years, where I am currently a finance manager. I also recently got married, and we have a baby on the way!  

Max Klingmann 

It's been a very exciting year. In May 2021, Christina Garcia and I got married! In November 2021, we bought a house. And in February 2022, we got two cats. 

We have now lived in Atlanta, Georgia, for over two years.  I have continued to work for Ansira as an online marketing analyst for nearly eight years now, along with another Cal Poly stats alum, Mat Adams. 

Chris Moore 

(See Ariana Montes Moore, Class of 2014.) 

Suzanne Nelson Coulter 

I just completed my fifth year working in biostatistics at the College of American Pathologists. This past year my husband and I bought our first house, and we are expecting a baby boy in July! So grateful to have a career that allows me to easily work from home. I hope faculty, staff and alumni have a great year. Looking forward to reading everyone's updates. 

Nick Powers 

A lot has changed in the last year or so. I moved up to San Francisco during the early days of COVID with my girlfriend. I proposed to her last year, and we are set to get married this May! I started a new job at LinkedIn as a product designer, where I am designing survey and reporting products and still using my stats education.  

George Shannon 

After seven years at KPMG in consulting on all things data, I left in September of 2020 to join a three-year-old startup called Outreach Solutions as a Service (OSaaS). OSaaS provides software and services to government clients and our software products specialize in the interactions between government agencies and the residents the agency aims to serve. I accepted a position as their chief data officer, and my roles and responsibilities still include implementation and consulting; however, my expanded role includes product management and of course lots of analytics. We use a data-driven approach to tracking and improving our software as well as a data-driven approach to project management of our implementations. After spending time working with the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency and the California Secretary of State, my current client is the California Housing Finance Agency, where we are implementing the Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF). The HAF program provides assistance to those who experienced COVID-19 related hardships (ex: job loss) and were unable to continue to pay their mortgages on time during the pandemic. 

Starting in early 2019, I commuted weekly from California to Nashville to provide services to the State of Tennessee. I decided to fully relocate to Nashville and have been living here since January 2021. In my free time, I enjoy watching and playing sports. I have been playing with the same co-ed softball team for over a year, and when it’s not cold or rainy, I spend my weekends on the golf course. 

Greg Williams 

Since beginning my career in data science, I have moved into product and currently work at an autonomous vehicle company called Cyngn. Our goal is to deploy autonomous vehicles in industrial environments. I have enjoyed the challenge of learning new concepts in robotics and computer vision while also applying my stats knowledge to analyze data recorded by the sensors on our vehicles. I have been located in the Bay Area since graduating and continue to stay active and travel in my spare time. 

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