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2018 Alumni Notes Graduation Years 2013-14


Kyle Beekman

I am currently working on a contract job with the Human Resources Research Organization, and I start graduate school at the University of Colorado in the fall. I will be getting my master’s of public health in applied biostatistics. In the meantime, I hope to get in some summer kayaking and hiking in the Denver area.

Samantha Dellinger

Hey All! I am about to round out my fifth year with LifeStreet (wow, five years since graduation already?!), and I love my job and the company as much as I did when I began work as a new grad. I have started a transition into a more product-focused role to continue to learn all that the world of ad tech has to offer, and I am grateful to be working at a company that allows me to explore all of my interests. [insert photo]

On a personal note, I got married this year. My husband and I met through Greek Life at Cal Poly when we were freshmen and wanted to celebrate our wedding in the place that brought us together, so we got married at Opolo Vineyards in Paso Robles. We had the most amazing day surrounded by our friends and family and couldn't have imagined a better place to start the next chapter of our lives. It also doesn't hurt to have another excuse to visit the Paso/San Luis Obispo area in years to come. 

Alice Jarvis

I just started a senior director, business intelligence role at a business-to-business lunch delivery company in the San Francisco Bay Area. I followed a few executives from a previous company and am really enjoying the food-technology space. In my free time, I travel as much as possible or escape to our lake house a couple hours up north from the Bay. 

Sasha Kravets

I am coming up on my third year as a biostatistician at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts. I've made it through my third winter, and I am busy exploring all Boston has to offer before I move on to my next adventure. I have traveled quite a bit this past year. I went to Croatia, Poland and Belarus this past September; Belgium in November; Switzerland in February; and now I am planning my upcoming summer travels. My most notable update is that in August I will be moving to Chicago, Illinois, to start a doctorate in biostatistics at the University of Illinois, Chicago. It will be an interesting transition back into student life, but I am excited to continue my education. 

Ariana (Montes) Moore

Chris and I moved to Arizona! The picture is of the two of us in front of our new home with our dog, Emma. We've officially been here for a year now, and we love it.

I got a new job as a technology consulting manager at Accenture. I went from a 40-person, boutique consulting firm to a giant firm with over 450,000 employees. The work is a lot more challenging but also much more rewarding.

Chris got a new job as a manager of testing and optimization at GoDaddy. He's living a much more laid-back lifestyle compared to his previous job in the Bay Area. He's applying his statistics knowledge on a daily basis via A/B testing. 

On a more personal note, we're headed to New York in May for my birthday and Tokyo for 14 days in June. We can't wait to eat all the sushi and ramen! [insert photos]

Tyler Plevney

I am still working in Carlsbad as a statistical programmer at Precision for Medicine, formerly known as Agility Clinical in the rare disease clinical research field. Since last year I have been promoted and have been leading interesting projects. Our company continues to grow, and we have accrued three more Cal Poly graduates in the last year. I now sit directly next to Scott Davis, which is a blessing and a curse. Overall, my experience here in this industry in San Diego is something I can see myself doing for quite a while. Learning and using SAS has guaranteed me countless opportunities here in San Diego for as long as I'd like.

Dana (Williamson) Reppond

I started working at Partnership HealthPlan of California as a Quality Improvement Analyst in May 2018, working on their HEDIS team. I finished my graduate degree in biostatistics in June 2018. I got married in February 2019 and am now Dana Reppond! My husband, our two dogs (Hunter and Cash) and I live in Fairfield, close to both of our families. 

Aside from that I’ve been traveling and living it up in Oakland and San Francisco. Life is pretty good. Hope all is well for the rest of you, and I’m looking forward to reading the other updates. P.S. I’m about to go to Hawaii, and I think I’ll get to see Henry — shout out to the best stats homework buddy around! [insert photo]

Julia Schedler

I'm still at Rice finishing my Ph.D. in statistics. I expect to be done by the end of this summer.

Allison Wiener

In short, being a data scientist is badass! I’m still working for Clorox in marketing in downtown Oakland and every project is so different. That’s easily one of my favorite perks of this career. Statistics can be applied to literally anything with data, so when you start a new job or a new project you’re qualified for almost any topic. I’ve worked for an oceanographic research nonprofit predicting ocean conditions to save cute little sea creatures, optimized driving apps at a start-up, and now I’m working at Clorox where I’ve had projects spanning cleaning behavior surveys (honestly pretty interesting/funny), hurricanes, water quality, ad targeting using cookie data (yes, it’s creepy but also super cool to learn about), ecommerce customer lifetime value assessment (ridiculously useful and applicable) and far more. Thanks for the knowledge! 


Chris Moore

Ariana and I moved to Arizona. The picture attached is of the two of us in front of our new home with our dog, Emma. We've officially been here for a year now, and we love it.

I have a new job as a manager of testing and optimization at GoDaddy. I’m living a much more laid-back lifestyle compared to my previous job in the Bay Area. I’m applying my statistics knowledge on a daily basis via A/B testing. 

On a more personal note, we're headed to New York in May for Ariana’s birthday and Tokyo for 14 days in June. We can't wait to eat all the sushi and ramen! [insert photos]

Suzanne Nelson

I have been working as a biostatistician at the College of American Pathologists located in the Chicago area for over two years. Very recently, I convinced them to let me be a full-time remote employee and have since moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, with my boyfriend, Mike. I am very grateful to have received an undergraduate degree in statistics at Cal Poly. Those four years were jam-packed with high-quality statistical education that have afforded me many opportunities. I hope all faculty and staff are doing well!

Nick Powers

Currently living in Newport Beach, where I am steps away from the beach and surf. Since Cal Poly, I worked at a predictive analytics startup, where I slowly shifted into a product management and UX design role. Now I work for D-Tools Cloud as a product manager, building out analytics for our customers, partners and internal stakeholders. While I don't do much statistical modeling anymore, I have happily married my stats education with my design passion, building out analytics products for analysts to use and model in. 

Geo Shannon

After recently completing work designing and developing an enterprise data warehouse for the State of Hawaii's Department of Human Services, I have moved on to assisting the State of Tennessee. I am helping them to plan for their modernization of the state's Medicaid Management Information System. I live in Sacramento but commute to Nashville each week. In my free time I enjoy golfing and welcome all invites from any statistics alumni to play a round of golf together or just to catch up over coffee or beers if you are in the Sacramento or Nashville areas.

Kaity Sutter

Hi all! In the last 18 months, I have moved to Madison, Wisconsin, attained my professional credentials as an associate of the Casualty Actuarial Society, bought a house, and got my first dog. Without a doubt, my most proud accomplishment has been the dog. As I work remotely, she is my sassy coworker who likes to interrupt phone calls demanding to go outside. Life is good!



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