Statistics Department 2011-12 Year-End Social

At this past year's social, the Statistics Department professors, staff, students, friends and family enjoyed good company and good food. We had delicious, catered BBQ from Tahoe Joe's. In addition to the catering, those in attendence brought side dishes such as salads, vegetables and even a coffee-toffee cheesecake!

Other than eating the food, attendees had the opportunity to catch up with those in the department they may not have spent a lot of time with over the years. For the students, the picnic provided a "calm before the storm" as finals were just around the corner.

Perhaps the most exciting and entertaining part of the picnic were the faculty "awards" given to the faculty by the members of the Stat Club. Among them were "Most Popular Office Hours," which went to Karen McGaughey; "Queen of Odds Ratios," which went to Beth Chance and "Most (computer) Monitors," which went to Samuel Frame. There were also other notable Faculty Staff Awards for 2011-12. After the awards were announced, the results of the Stat Club election were announced. Visit the Stat Club page for results.

In summary, it was fun and food for all!

Check out more pictures on the department's Flickr page

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