Faculty and Staff 2017-2018

Alan Rossman

Allan Rossman, Professor and Department Chair

Email: arossman@calpoly.edu

Website: http://statweb.calpoly.edu/arossman/

Phone: 756-2861

Office: 25-107C

Education: B.A. in Mathematics and English, Geneva College; M.S./Ph.D. in Statistics, Carnegie Mellon University

Professional Interests: statistics education, primarily developing interactive curricular materials; applications of statistics to sports

Personal Interests: cats, fantasy sports (baseball, football, golf), reading (primarily mysteries and suspense), travel

Katie Doctor

Katie Doctor, Administrative Coordinator

Email: kdoctor@calpoly.edu

Phone: 756-2709

Office: 25-107D

Education: B.S. in Home Economics, CSUN; Graduate Certificate in Project Management, UT Dallas

Personal Interests: Outdoors, patios, hiking, traveling, cooking, friends, music, and parenting two really cool teenagers.

Prince Afriyie, Assistant Professor

Email: pafriyie@calpoly.edu

Phone: 756-2715

Office: 25-103

Education: B.S. in Mathematics, Northern Kentucky University; M.A. in Mathematics, Ball State Univeristy; PhD. in Statistics, Temple University’s Fox School of Business

Professional Interests: the area of multiple hypotheses testing and application to high-throughput genomic data.

Personal Interests: racquetball and soccer

Kelly Bodwin, Assistant Professor

Email: kbodwin@calpoly.edu

Website: http://kbodwin.web.unc.edu/

Phone: 756-2450

Office: 25-106 

Education: B.A. in Statistics, Harvard University; Ph.D. in Statistics, The University of North Carolina

Professional Interests: data mining and machine learning; big data and statistical computing; applications in text analysis, social science, and product recommendation.

Personal Interests: board games, playing any sport, music concerts and festivals, the San Jose Sharks, and travel.

Matt Carlton

Matt Carlton, Professor

Email: mcarlton@calpoly.edu

Website: http://statweb.calpoly.edu/mcarlton/

Phone: 756-7076

Office: 25-101

Education: B.A. in Mathematics/Minor in Spanish, UC Berkeley; M.A./Ph.D. in Mathematics, UCLA

Professional Interests: probability, applied probability models, K-12 statistics education and teacher education

Personal Interests: college football, travel, canoeing, movies

Beth Chance

Beth Chance, Professor

Email: bchance@calpoly.edu

Website: http://statweb.calpoly.edu/bchance/

Phone: 756-2961

Office: 25-235

Education: B.S. in Applied Mathematics/Minor in Psychology, Harvey Mudd College; M.S./Ph.D. in Operations Research/Statistics, Cornell University

Professional Interests: curriculum development and assessment in statistics education, statistics education research

Personal Interests: volleyball, jogging, Amazing Race

Nianpin Cheng, Lecturer

Email: ncheng@calpoly.edu

Phone: 756-1180

Office: 192-232

Education: B.S./M.S. in Electrical Engineering, Huazhong University of Science & Technology; Ph.D. Industrial Engineering specializing in Operations Research, Lehigh University

Professional Interests: business analytics and heuristic optimization

Personal Interests: reading, cooking, listening to podcasts and being with my kids

Kevin Clancy

Kevin Clancy, Lecturer

Email: clancy@calpoly.edu

Phone: 756-2450

Office: 25-221

Education: B.S. in Mathematics & M.S. in Applied Statistics, Villanova University

Professional Interests: probability, statistical education, psychology, and sabermetrics

Personal Interests: soccer, golf, swimming, fantasy football, and acai

Olga Dekhtyar

Olga Dekhtyar, Lecturer

Email: odekhtya@calpoly.edu

Phone: 756-6354

Office: 25-225

Education: B.S. in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Tver State University (Russia); M.A. in Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation, College of Education, University of Maryland

Professional Interests: HIV/STD/pregnancy research, structural equation models, hierarchical linear models

Personal Interests: travel, reading, music

Jimmy Doi

Jimmy Doi, Professor

Email: jdoi@calpoly.edu

Website: http://statweb.calpoly.edu/jdoi/

Phone: 756-2901

Office: 25-108

Education: B.A. in Mathematics/Minor in Biology, Chemistry, Japanese, CSU Northridge; M.S./Ph.D. in Statistics, North Carolina State University

Professional Interests: categorical data, biostatistics, statistics education

Personal Interests: playing basketball, mountain biking, cooking Japanese dishes

Samuel Frame

Samuel Frame, Associate Professor

Email: sframe@calpoly.edu

Phone: 756-5802

Office: 25-238

Education: B.S. in Statistics, Cal Poly; M.A. in Mathematical Statistics & Ph.D. in Statistics and Applied Probability, UC Santa Barbara

Professional Interests: computational statistics, statistical computing, business analytics including quantitative finance, risk management and marketing analytics

Personal Interests: Arsenal FC, music, NASCAR, politics, restaurants

Hunter Glanz, Assistant Professor

Email: hglanz@calpoly.edu

Phone: 756-2792

Office: 25-111

Education: B.S. in Mathematics and B.S. in Statistics, Cal Poly SLO;  M.A./Ph.D. in Mathematics (Statistics), Boston University

Professional Interests: computational statistics, staistical computing, remote sensing, statistics education

Personal Interests: reading, movies, games of all sorts, laughing

Billie-Jo Grant, Lecturer

Email: bgrant02@calpoly.edu


Phone: 756-6310

Office: 25-223

Education: B.A. in Economics, M.Ed. in Social Foundations of Education, and Ph.D. in Educational Research, Statistics, and Evaluations, University of Virginia

Professional Interests: Utilization focused research and evaluation, program and policy evaluation, logic modeling, quantitative and qualitative data collection and analyses, instrument construction, report writing, and data visualization.

Personal Interests: Family, "Ride & Tie," time at the beach, cooking, and the great outdoors.

Gary Hughes

Gary Hughes, Assistant Professor

Email: gbhughes@calpoly.edu

Website: http://orcid.org/0000-0003-4739-8493

Phone: 756-5648

Office: 25-107G

Education: B.A. in Mathematics, Northwestern University; M.A. in Applied Mathematics, UC Santa Barbara; Ph.D. in Earth & Environmental Science, University of Pennsylvania

Professional Interests: time-series analysis, climate data, statistical applications in engineering

Personal Interests: local geology, anything Brazilian, classical guitar, hiking and cycling

Ulric LundUlric Lund, Professor

Email: ulund@calpoly.edu

Website: http://statweb.calpoly.edu/ulund/

Phone: 756-6122

Office: 25-236

Education: B.A. in Mathematics, UC San Diego; M.A./Ph.D. in Statistics, UC Santa Barbara

Professional Interests: collaborating with researchers and professionals in a variety of disciplines such as forestry, dairy science, biology, viticulture, and the legal system

Personal Interests: biking, surfing

Karen McGaugheyKaren McGaughey, Professor

Email: kmcgaugh@calpoly.edu

Website: http://statweb.calpoly.edu/kmcgaugh/

Phone: 756-6578

Office: 25-102

Education: B.S. in Chemistry Education, Kansas State University; M.S./Ph.D. in Statistics, Kansas State University

Professional Interests: design of experiments, statistics education, statistical consulting, applications of statistics to engineering

Personal Interests: running, cooking, most sports (especially college basketball and football), travel, movies, reality TV

Jay Olenowski

Jay Olenowski, Lecturer

Email: jolenows@calpoly.edu

Phone: 756-5571

Office: 25-221

Education: B.S. in Mathematics & M.S in Applied Statistics, Villanova University 

Professional Interest: statistics education, nutrition/fitness research, probability 

Personal Interests: soccer as well as all sports, working out, dogs, rom-coms, Lebron James, and card games

Rebecca Ottesen

Rebecca Ottesen, Lecturer

Email: rottesen@calpoly.edu

Website: http://statweb.calpoly.edu/rottesen/

Phone: 756-2709


Education: B.S. in Statistics, Cal Poly; M.S. in Biometry, University of Southern California

Professional Interests: cancer research, biostatistics, statistical computing

Personal Interests: gardening, swimming, hanging out with my kids

Shannon Pileggi

Shannon Pileggi, Assistant Professor

Email: spileggi@calpoly.edu

Phone: 756-2946

Office: 25-109

Education: B.A. Mathematics and Hispanic Studies, East Carolina University; M.S./Ph.D. in Biostatistics, Emory University

Professional Interests: Statistics education, statistical consulting, Buruli ulcer (a neglected tropical disease), spatial modeling

Personal Interests: Taking the dogs to the beach or for a hike, disc golf, soccer, board games, reading

Steve Rein

Steve Rein, Associate Professor

Email: srein@calpoly.edu

Website: http://statweb.calpoly.edu/srein/

Phone: 756-2941

Office: 25-234

Education: B.A. in Economics, UCLA; M.A./Ph.D. in Statistics, UC Berkeley

Professional Interests: time series analysis and statistical applications in the biological sciences

Personal Interests: computers, television, nature stuff (hiking, etc.), and NPR

Kevin Ross

Kevin Ross, Assistant Professor

Email: kjross@calpoly.edu

Phone: 756-5739

Office: 25-237

Education: B.S. in Mathematical Sciences, M.S./Ph.D. in Statistics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Professional Interests: probability and random processes and applications, statistics education

Personal Interests: spending time with my wife and kids, hiking, going to the beach, reading, listening to music, watching TV

Soma Roy

Soma Roy, Associate Professor

Email: soroy@calpoly.edu

Phone: 756-5250

Office: 25-104

Education: B.S. in Statistics, Lady Shri Ram College for Women; M.S. in Statistics, University of New Delhi; M.S./Ph.D. in Statistics, Ohio State University

Professional Interests: design of experiments, statistics education, missing data, survey data analyses

Personal Interests: reading, watching movies, long walks, good laughs

Anelise Sabbag

Anelise Sabbag, Assistant Professor

Email: asabbag@calpoly.edu

Phone: 756-5562

Office: 25-222

Education: B.S. Statistics, Universidade de Sao Paulo (Brazil); M.A./Ph.D. in Quantitative Methods in Education (Statistics Education), University of Minnesota

Professional Interests: statistics education research, assessment development and educational measurement

Personal Interests: knowing Jesus, praying, heavy metal music, super-hero and action movies, going to the beach, playing with dogs

Andrew Schaffner

Andrew Schaffner, Professor

Email: aschaffn@calpoly.edu

Website: http://statweb.calpoly.edu/aschaffn/

Phone: 756-1545

Office: 25-226

Education: B.S. Mathematics, Cal Poly; Ph.D. in Statistics, University of Washington

Professional Interests: Statistical applications in obesity, pregnancy outcomes, and postpartum weight retention; ecology; environmental science

Personal Interests: camping, adventure motorcycling, roller hockey with my kids, cooking/eating good food. 

Maddie Schroth-Glanz, Lecturer

Email: mschroth@calpoly.edu

Phone: 756-6310

Office: 25-223

Education: B.S. in Mathematics, Cal Poly; M.S. in Applied Mathematics with an emphasis in Underwater Acoustics, University of New Hampshire (Durham)

Professional Interests: bio-acoustics/marine mammal acoustics, signal processing, statistical and mathematical applications in marine science.

Personal Interests: camping, hiking, travel, movies, and spending too much time cuddling and playing with my dog Jake.

Jeff Sklar

Jeffrey Sklar, Professor

Email: jsklar@calpoly.edu

Phone: 756-6353

Office: 25-110

Education: B.A.S. in Mathematics and Philosophy, UC Davis; Ph.D. in Statistics, UC Santa Barbara

Professional Interests: survival analysis, educational statistics and measurement, nonparametric regression

Personal Interests: playing with my kids, working out at the gym, hiking, Niners

Robert Smidt

Robert Smidt, Professor

Email: rsmidt@calpoly.edu

Website: http://statweb.calpoly.edu/rsmidt/

Phone: 756-2001

Office: 25-201

Education: B.S., Manhattan College; M.S., Rutgers University; Ph.D., University of Wyoming

Professional Interests: Multivariate statistics, experimental design, regression, survey sampling, consulting, statistical education

Personal Interests: Racquetball, golf, traveling, hiking, biking

Heather Smith

Heather Smith, Lecturer

Email: hsmith@calpoly.edu

Phone: 756-6128

Office: 25-112

Education: B.A. in Mathematics, University of Florida; M.S. in Statistics, Florida State University

Professional Interests: statistical consulting, engineering statistics, experimental design, quality management, survey research

Personal Interests: spending time with my teens, ice hockey, college sports, Central Coast enology, and viticulture

Dennis Sun, Assistant Professor

Email: dsun09@calpoly.edu

Website: www.calpoly.edu/~dsun09/

Phone: 756-5877

Office: 25-105

Education: A.B. in Music and Mathematics, Harvard University; M.S. in Electrical Engineering, Ph.D. in Statistics, Stanford University

Professional Interests: audio signal processing, statistics education, data science

Personal Interests: trivia, running, hiking, baseball

John Walker

John Walker, Professor

Email: jwalker@calpoly.edu

Phone: 756-7128

Office: 25-113

Education: B.S. in Applied Math/Minor in Statistics, University of Chicago; M.S./Ph.D. in Statistics, Cornell University

Professional Interests: statistical computing, statistical consulting, statistics education, linear models

Personal Interests: reading; movies; college football; fantasy sports; board and computer games


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